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Coming Soon to a Blog Near You…

Unfortunately Clearly Classy Events is not premiering in a new movie yet, however our team would be totally ready for red carpets, cameras, and a good time. Oh, and I call Josh Lucas as my leading man!

In reality, I am currently sitting around waiting on some fabulous pictures from our most recent wedding so that I may have the privilege to blog about it. Til then it’s back to my dream Hollywood story…

Now, directors would find it difficult to label the genre of a Clearly Classy Events movie since each lady of our team is as unique as each of our weddings and events. You’ll find we have a Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Freida Pinto, Rose McGowan, Amy Adams, Vivian Vance and Lucille Ball. Now one or two, I based merely on looks, but mostly it was each personality: life of the party, belle of the ball, sexy starlet, a legend in one’s own time… Or to put it simply, we are a romantic/bollywood/action/adventure/comedy with a hint of western AND together, Clearly Classy Events is an Oscar winning sensation!

We’d like to take this time to “thank” our readers and get to know you, so please vote on your favorite wedding movie. Unlike my college exams, this is multiple choice and there are no right or wrong answers. However, I do have a personal favorite, can you guess?

“Why do you wanna marry me anyhow?” “So I can kiss you anytime I want.” (Josh Lucas… swoon!)

Simple, Stunning, and Speechless

Have you ever witnessed a wedding that was so simple and stunning it literally left you speechless?

I can honestly say that is what happened today as I found myself working on a post for Clearly Classy Event‘s sweet couple: Lauren and Lance. After countless moments of just staring at their wedding pictures by Phillip Glickman and reminiscing, I finally found a little musical inspiration in “Marry Me” by Train.

Disclaimer:  the two did not meet in a café.

However, Lauren did wear a gorgeous white gown from Serendipity Bridal, and Lance was one happy groom who wore out the words “I love you and you’re beautiful.”

Barton Creek Resort and Spa was the venue of choice for Lauren and Lance, and was, like always, a joy to work with. The guests were able to arrive with an overwhelming view of true Texas hill country.

Again, I am captured by not only the photographer’s eye for detail, but the design of the dress and the overwhelming support from family and friends on her big day. Take notice of the simplicity in the bouquet from Verbena Floral that is jaw-dropping and coordinated so well with Lauren’s dress!

Enough of my “look at this!”, “take notice!”, and “did you see?”
Here are a few pictures from the ceremony:

After the ceremony, it was time for friends, family, and fun!

Lauren and Lance were able to entertain guests and keep to party alive with a help from their fabulous vendors: ILD Lighting, BBJ Linen StoreATX DJ, and of course, Maris Malone Calderon, whose art for makeup kept Lauren radiant throughout the entire night!

I would like to again give a big thank you again to Phillip Glickman Photography as well as all the other vendors mentioned and some that were not mentioned but had a great impact on the success of this wedding: Hyde Park Strings, Mike Rinehart, Richie Schalin with Ovation Media, and Samantha Denby.

Lauren and Lance,
we wish you all the best and hope that you will continue to be happy by each other’s side.

Love, Clearly Classy Events

Dia de los Muertos

With Autumn on the horizon and the harvest moon ready to appear,
comes the excitement that is Dia de los Muertos. 

Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead is a Hispanic holiday. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died.

(Graphic designed by Stephanie Worthington of Clearly Classy Events)

Clearly Classy Events is in the background of planning this event.

Therefore if you survive Halloween, the haunted houses, and crazy corn mazes, then WE EXPECT TO SEE YOU THERE!

BobcatFans Magazine Presents the 4th Annual Dia De Los Muertos festival will be held on

November 5, 2011 Noon-6pm

This Kyle citywide event is held to help introduce and inform the public about the Hispanic Heritage.Local vendors set booths up, local schools provide a mariachi band, a local elementary provided students to sing Dia De Los Muertos songs, and dancers perform.  the Dead Strangers will be playing a family friendly set during the day and the Los Texas Wranglers will be Headlining from 5-6pm! It has been a great event in the past three years.

Last year, over 3,500 people have came to this event. The event received local attention in the forms of newspapers, radio spots, and features on news stations. We hope to do the same this year.

This year the event will be held on the square in the heart of Kyle, Texas!

(picture and information used from their public
facebook page, click here)

Follow this event on twitter! @KyleDiaFestival

Booth Space is still available- Contact for more details!!

Sponsors for this event are:BobcatFans Magazine, Kyle Area Chamber of Commerce, Seton Medical Center Hays, Austin Community College and Bill and Kate Johnson of Kyle

“Fall” in Love

It’s finally beginning to feel like fall in central Texas, and with fall comes new excitement and new events for Clearly Classy Events. However, we take a ten minute break from planning to do some “pinning.” Yes, we too are in love with Pinterest! One of my most recent “repins,” was a fall bucket list for southern belles.

How cute, right?

Well, my little light bulb went off and it got me thinking,
“What about a fall bucket list for central Texas brides? Don’t mind if I do!”

Here are a few creative ideas for fall that I hope you will find just as fun.

 Pumpkin carving and cold drinks? Epic Success

Still can’t think of a gift for guest? How about S’more love?

Cheer on a Big 12 team


Pictures in the leaves

Sorry, no bonfire this year with the burn ban

Count your blessing and don’t forget to sample every holiday drink at Starbucks, I know I will!

Happy Fall Planning from Clearly Classy!


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Family History, Meets Rustic Class….

“Something Old, Something New…”

The old saying has never been truer than with Clearly Classy Event’s most recent bride and groom, Jenna and Blaine. The “something old” certainly came to life with the small, touches and details from this couple. If you refer back to my post on June 8th, Wedding from Scratch, then you will read about how the land used to make this gorgeous occasion is actually a farm that belongs to Blaine’s family.

Pictures provided by: Andy Sams

As to not have any guests lost on their way, the couple included a map on the invitations, printed on thin slices of wood these invitations were absolutely gorgeous…

and everyone was welcomed upon arriving by the farm itself.

To start off the wedding festivities, guests were asked to sign in using what had to be the most adorable pens that truly showed the simple detail that was put into everything.

While in the meantime, the bride was proudly getting ready, showing off her stunning flowers and the ring that would take her from a beautiful bride to a wonderful wife.

The scenery helped captivate the moment between the couple.

But nothing was more captivating, than the expression of pure joy on Jenna and Blaine’s faces as they start their journey together as one…

The bride’s dress is another fine example of “something old” becoming “something new.” It was her mother’s dress that she used along with other wedding pieces to create this masterpiece. But Jenna did turn a twist on tradition when she wore sneakers instead of heels…

After pictures were taken between the newlyweds, they joined their guests for great food, fun, and company…

The happy couple was sent away into the night all smiles and with that…

We love you, Jenna and Blaine, and many wishes!

Clearly Classy Events

If reading about the wedding isn’t quite enough, thanks to David Braverman, you are invited to watch the captivating moments through video at Jenna and Blaine Wedding Video. David is available at

Sugar and spice and everything nice….

Today we put together a very sweet baby shower. With a pendant that spelled out the name of the sweet bundle of joy’s name “Bailey”, jelly jars of sweet tarts as favors, and cupcakes with “B’s” this one goes down as one of the cutest little parties we have been a part of! Check out the pictures and a special thanks to Cheryl Bailey for her help on the crafts. And great job to Sweet Stuff in Kyle on the cupcakes!!  Clearly Classy

The sweetest things: Two lovable families and one enchanted day

We began working with this couple nearly a year ago, a garden belle from Louisiana meets a witty and romantic guy also from Louisiana.  Although, that isn’t where they met.  They met right here in Austin in school at the University of Texas.  They both helped plan this wonderful day from the beginning, there were cultures that were to be sewn together and Claire and Aman had intricate ideas as to how this would be done seamlessly.

And seamlessly it was.  From start to finish, this day was like a dream.  With all of the best handpicked professionals in place and a very organized Bride, Maid of Honor and Mother of the Bride, things were certain to go off without a hitch, or with one hitch actually.

The Official Hitch was made at the beautiful Rough Hollow Yacht Club.  Set on Lake Travis in the midst of some of the most fabulous views!

Pictures provided by: Two Pair Photography

One of my favorite designers, Amy at Merveille Events was in charge of all of the gorgeous flowers.  For the ceremony the bride wanted light and airy garden colors, hydrangeas, hydrangeas, hydrangeas.  You will see them throughout, but she asked for touches of green tropical leaves and ranunculus, as you will see it they turned out stunning.  Purple was the color, but soft early and bold later….

You can see the arch here….

I just thought these bridesmaid dresses were adorable…

Her hair flowers…

The Groom even had stylish flowers….

The ceremony was absolutely gorgeous, with the two cultures melding together perfectly…A string Quartet played in the background as she and her father walked down the aisle.

There were several things from the Indian culture included in the ceremony….

She wore a Henna Tattoo

The sacred fire was lit.

The guests were dressed according to tradition.

And wedding garland was draped around their neck as part of the ceremony.

The programs went with the theme…

Once the ceremony was over the guests threw rose petals as the Bride and Groom exited to a 1937 Cadillac….

Here are a few fantastic pictures…

After everything was wrapped up the Bride and Groom made their Grand Entrance to the reception, it was held in the Governor’s Ballroom at Barton Creek Resort and Spa

Again, Mervielle brought the Bride and Groom’s vision to life with the most vibrant and stunning room… Lighting was splashed on the walls by Illios Lighting, draping was hung by Strong Events.  The room was absolutely gorgeous.  Banana leaves were used as place mats and the couple’s favorite salsa was given as favors…Check these out….

Sauce the Band rocked the room all night long!  And this crowd was not afraid to boogie!!

Once it was all over and it was time to go, the guests sent them off to live happily ever after!  We love you Aman and Claire, Love, Clearly Classy

A quick sneak video thanks to Lizama Videography

Wedding from scratch…

I received a call several months ago from a father of the groom, doesn’t happen very often, he was looking for a wedding planner because he wanted to create a wedding on his farm, a farm that is so very beautiful and bumps right up to the Guadalupe.  He was concerned because the kids were going to need literally everything and he didn’t want anything to get left out.

So this weekend we will be executing a wedding from scratch.  Electricity, bathrooms, water, lighting, tables, chairs, food…you name it we are bringing it in.  I even needed to rent golf carts to get the guests from the parking area to the ceremony site.  I have a couple of pictures to share with you of the space in the winter…I can’t wait to share the end result with you it is going to be so beautiful.

I know these pictures don’t say a whole bunch now, but just get ready for what we are about to do with this space!  Especially at night!